Danny Felts


Danny Felts

For a while now I’ve wanted to write more personal writing pieces, but never quite gotten there. Every blog I’ve tried to make has either felt forced, or neglected. Monthly is my best answer to that problem. In an effort to weed out over-posting for the sake of content creation, and posting one thing every 5 months and looking like a person who’s neglected a website, I’ve created a blog that this year will get exactly 12 entries. One for each month. I don’t really know exactly what it’s going to be about, except that I’ll probably be in it.

It’s about 8:29PM right now. I just woke up. I hate it when that ends up happening.

Many things have happened in the last 30 days. For one thing, I don’t have a job right now:

Unemployment always hits me the same way. The last time I wasn’t consistently working was 2+ years ago, and only a week and half into not having a job, I already feel myself slipping into old tendencies. The first is sleep. I sleep fine, I should reassure everyone that I’ve never really suffered from insomnia. What does happen though, is my scope of the world shifts 5 hours. Since leaving my old job I think I’ve seen the sun begin to rise at least 3 times. 3AM--usually a cold, unwelcome stranger, has come rushing back to me like an old college friend who never really came to terms with their own alcoholism.

It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, just weird. Maybe the weirdest part is I’m not even drinking or smoking, or anything really. I’m just hanging out with other people, seeing how long we can talk nothing, and then going to bed. I like it, but I also know it’s a false reality. In 2 weeks I’ll be starting a new job, and like clockwork, I’ll begin to interact with 8AM again. I feel good about it though. It’s a very convenient window. For this first time in several years I won’t have to worry about 4th of July shenanigans, I have the opportunity to paint my parents house if that’s a thing I want to follow through with, and generally speaking I can just say “yes” to the world and find myself talking about the Bay Area Rapid Transit system for absolutely no reason at 4AM on a Sunday. This is by and large one of the more harmless things I’ve done.

I went to Denver, CO about a week ago now for 6 whole days. It was incredibly fun.

The idea for the trip came about a month ago once I realized I had secured a new job. When I was working at my old job, traveling was doable, but usually stressful. I had to let them know that I wanted to go to a place far enough in advance, make sure the plane ticket wasn’t going to fuck me over moneywise, and then hope that once I was on the trip, they had remembered to get someone to cover for me. That haunted me everytime: The idea that I would go to a new place, enjoy all the things that it had to offer, meet new people, and then come back to a job that was too unorganized to remember that they had given me time off to begin with. Naturally, the idea of a chunk of time where I had zero obligations was intriguing. Overall, I must say things worked out.

Denver’s comedy scene is fantastic. It’s like it was built with comedy in mind. To start, the city is unexpectedly flat, and amazingly navigable by bicycle. I didn’t plan on riding when I got there, but my buddy Tim had an extra frame on him, and even though it was a little small on me I was getting everywhere in about 15 minutes. “Comedy Works”, Denver’s main club, is a jewel among the high plains. It’s mainly underground, the ceiling is very low, and everyone there is super reasonable. Everything you could want in a club. The way laughter reverberates in that place needs to be copyrighted and sold off. In the same way certain foods can be Atkins eligible, clubs should also be Comedy Works eligible. Like LEEDS certification, but with laughter. And then to top it off, I don’t think I met anyone who I didn’t immediately get along with. The Fine Gentleman’s Club. Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier, Nathan Lund, and Bobby Crane. Normally I wouldn’t say something like this, but Christ, what a chill set of dudes. It’s the only way to describe them. Infinitely nice, pleasant to be around. Just making life better for people. The list doesn’t stop. Jordan Doll, Kevin O’Brien, Steve Vanderploeg, Tim Messenger, Jim Hickox. Going to a new place by yourself opens you up as a huge target and to have the people surrounding it just be reasonable people. The best. Nothing is more satisfying. If you know someone in Denver, you really have no reason to not visit.