Danny Felts


Danny Felts

For a while now I’ve wanted to write more personal writing pieces, but never quite gotten there. Every blog I’ve tried to make has either felt forced, or neglected. Monthly is my best answer to that problem. In an effort to weed out over-posting for the sake of content creation, and posting one thing every 5 months and looking like a person who’s neglected a website, I’ve created a blog that this year will get exactly 12 entries. One for each month. I don’t really know exactly what it’s going to be about, except that I’ll probably be in it.

I write this months entry the day before it's supposed to be done. Not out of laziness or procrastination, (although I do think that's difficult to completely rule out), but because nothing truly of note happened in October until almost nearly the end when I had my bi-annual (Once every 2 years) sickness troll through my body. I was sick. Nothing too bad, just what I would describe as a particularly stubborn cold, but overall, not awful. But see, that's the problem when it comes to me and sickness. Our paths cross so rarely that when we do eventually shake hands it usually catches me off guard. 

I feel lucky that my body is the way it is. With the exception of some plumbing issues, and some 'old world charm' that until recently polite society hasn't really cared for, I'm in pretty good shape. Tall frame, good teeth, and a cardiovascular system that seems fairly strong. When I talk about myself physically, I can't help but feel like I'm trying to sell one of those weird 70's Volkswagon Trucks.

"Listen, I know the yellow paint job is a strong choice but I swear, this thing's got a lot of utility behind it!"

This time was really strange though. The outside factors that were all going on while I was sick aligned to make some super, trifecta fever dream.

For one, there's been a lot of construction being done on my apartment. Which is to say, they are doing enough construction on my place that the one thing they're not doing is burning it down and starting over. Right now, we're smack dab in the middle of all of the siding being replaced. The best being that I live in a corner room, so for a couple days it sounded like the police were just slamming on my door over and over, and then weird mumbling through the wall, and then my gums would bleed because I guess my gums bleed when I'm sick now. Strangely disconcerting. 

Somebody recently told me that whenever they get sick they almost immediately get reminded of their mortality which I thought was funny seeing as that happens to me when I cough weird. I think the thing that terrifies people is just the ability to not be able to "do". It certainly explains a lot. People not taking their medication, the elderly driving. After my grandmother died we found out that she ended driving and crashing the car something like 8 times or something ridiculous like that. It's nuts what the brain will go through just to make people think they're ok; to make it say, "Don't worry! We're fine. Everything's complet--(car crashes into tree). 

The most painful part was/is my gums. For some reason this time around they got super inflamed which must be causing them to rub up against the creases and split? I don't know. All I know is that whenever I try to brush my teeth it's terrifying because it looks like there's a ghost in my mouth and it's trying to intimidate me with ole 'Blood Spilling Out Of The Elevator Trick' except the elevator is my teeth. I think I'll be fine, and I think my gums feel better everyday but we'll see.

As of writing this it's about 2 or 3 days after the switch from Daylights Savings Time to Standard Time, which means it's fall and I forgot it was fall. I don't know why. Fall in Portland is like Fall in most places: Amazing, but a little nicer. I cannot think of a person I've met who hasn't enjoyed fall or said that it's manifestation isn't great where they are from. In New England there's the torrential change in foliage that turns every tree into an ocean of color. In the the South the once sweltering heat lessens to a more reasonable 75, and in LA people get a reason to buy a jacket and use it once, and you know what, good for them. Jackets are fun. The NW is great because Fall takes a little bit from everywhere else an turns it into a temperate paradise. Low 60s, changing colors, the jackets (but this time necessary). We get all of it and you have to enjoy it because soon enough it's February for 5 months.

I think what I've really come to enjoy or at least come to terms with maybe over the last 6 years or so is that I suppose I actually like the holiday season. It reminds me of a time when I was in elementary school where all of a sudden there were these weird 4 days breaks so we could celebrate Thanksgiving, and then 2 weeks later in December where school doesn't so much exist as it temporarily subleased the month. It's fun and you really have to savor it because it's gone before it starts. We'll see what happens this time around.