Danny Felts
Danny Felts

Al's Den is a small capacity music/live performance venue run by McMenamin's that's smack dab in the heart of downtown Portland, OR. If you've spent any significant amount of time in Portland you've probably passed it a good dozen times without even knowing. You know that weird little triangle corner? The one with the cryptic stairs leading underground about half a block East from the Crystal Ballroom where Burnside splits off into Stark St.? That's Al's Den.

Every Friday and Saturday starting around 10:30ish I host a comedy show there. We've had performers from LA, NYC, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Denver, SF, and of course Portland. One time a comedian from Australia named Nick Cody came through and he was great. Look him up. Thus far C@AD has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I do hope I can continue to host it. Schedule permitting, I highly recommend checking out the shows on both Friday and Saturday. This is a fantastic opportunity to see talented, hardworking people string together 2 longer sets.

If you'd like to perform a weekend at Al's Den use the contact form on the Contact Page and we can go from there. Or Facebook. I'll probably ask for a video if I don't know you, or if I don't know a person who knows you. 

I see you. I may ask you to be on show at some point. Cool? Cool. 

303 S.W. 12th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205
(Below the Crystal Hotel)


For the first time ever we have a sponsor! It happened completely by accident, but it's a welcome change. That said, I encourage everyone to check out www.fleethower.com

Fleet Hower is a designer based out of NYC who has created these cool little 3D printed figurines called LOCK-NESTERs.

The  Albert !

The Albert!


They're essentially 3D puzzles fabricated in various sizes with most of them forming into animals. They're fun, they look nice, and they're proof that owning a 3D printer does not make you a libertarian nutcase bent on creating untraceable firearms. Yay!

If you're interested in grabbing one you can click on this link right here. Fleet's got a handful of models of varying difficulty that at the very least would make an excellent desk companion, and would definitely preoccupy that weirdo friend of a friend who your real friend brought over to your place. Why'd you have to bring Jerry over? You know he gives me the creeps, right? Lame...

But oh man, that's not all! If you're interested in receiving a free Lock-Nester you can fill out this Newsletter Form below and I will give out one for every 10th email I get. For the record, I have no inclination to bog you down with spam. That being said, Comedy Night @ Al's Den has grown enough that bigger names are dropping through and I'd love to have the opportunity to share when a big name is coming through.

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Hit me up via my Contact Page.